How to give a good speech and make a lasting impression

How to give a good speech and make a lasting impression

Whatever the type of speech you are assigned to give in public, the main key factor to its success is preparation. Today, it is much important to prepare for a good speech with the help of right presentation tips.

Now, there are so many simple tips available to deliver the successful speech in an easy manner. However, the good speech delivery always begins with a well-written speech and also makes sure that your speech is written suitably for any event or occasion. If you think that you are not a good writer, you can get some easy writing skills, learn and also apply it into the writing your speech.

If you don’t have sufficient time to study and get essential writing skills, you just ask someone who can write the good speech for you.

When you have your written speech at hand, you just learn, review and look for the possible places or corrections, which require improvement. You also look for the errors in details.

This might be happened, especially when your speech is written by someone else. You should also rehearse your speech. For this, you must practice the event planning basics. You can simply do this alone or in front of a small group.

This will help you tendency down any nervousness you may feel. This will bring you an effective idea of how it feels like to send a useful speech.

The next things are rehearsing your speech and then practice it. Also, take a note of your hand gestures and be sure of each movement, which you make it fit. But be careful, you may overdo your gestures that might distract your audience and also turn your gestures into irritating mannerisms.

Steps to give a great speech

When you are planning a good speech or a presentation, there are several kinds of audiovisual presentation equipment available to select from. You should also find what sort of equipment that you need to have the best presentation possible. The prime thing you need to do is to set up audiovisual equipment that includes:

Give a great speech


The sound is frequently unnoticed while planning for the presentation av equipment. Actually, what is an av system? It is a latest audiovisual presentation technology that clearly delivers the obvious sound as well as images in any setting.

You should also ensure that the sound system you select is perfectly suitable for your speech, where the presentation will be given. You can compare Marantz vs Denon. These two options will perfectly fit to any presentation


The excellent audio-visual presentation equipment always needs the use of computers and the presentation might be given on the computer itself or multiple computers. For this, you can rent the laptops or computers that are typically most famous for the smaller events.


If you use a single computer for your presentation, you just most likely require many smaller monitors or even a large monitor. Now, the monitors are available in a wide array of types and styles such as plasma monitors, etc. You just also need to try various monitors with the computer system and also make sure that the image is not distorted as well as the monitor is good enough for the venue and the audience as well.


If you require a projector for your presentation, there are several various kinds of projectors available for both sell and rent. It is just a matter to know what type you need. When you choose a projector, make sure that you know precisely which type you require and also how the pictures will be viewed by your audience.

Therefore, these simple tips will always help you make a good speech and also that it would make the pleasant environment livelier.

Tips on making a good speech

The primary you must remember is applying the rule of three. The best way you do this is dividing your speech into three parts such as


  • Introduce yourself
  • Say how honored you are to be people to choose for giving this speech
  • Say how attracted you are with everything you view and hear around you


  • Give details and tell again everyone about the intention of an event
  • Approval the undoubted top quality of the achievements
  • Proclaim the top standard all around


  • Proclaim the winner or congratulate the organizers or recall a nostalgic recollection or tell a humorous story
  • Declare that this event of a year will be a complex act for anyone such as winners or organizers to follow in the years to come
  • Finally, leave by introducing the next speaker by merely thanking everyone for listening to you