• Just back from an excellent Alaskan adventure…

  • Extraordinary place to celebrate 4th of July (and 23rd wedding Anniversary!).

  • Favorite vacation read: The Untethered Soul.

  • Combination of expansive vistas around every corner and intimate RV travel provided perfect setting to do plenty of big envisioning…and applied mindfulness practice!

  • Adding to the fun, we met up with husband’s Swiss exchange brother Bernhard & family and explored Denali together.

  • Marveling at plethora of memories created from this relationship…including our son living in Switzerland with Bernhard’s family and numerous international visits by family…and friends…and friends of friends.

  • Oh, the ripples that can be created from a single choice.

  • Grateful that one of the last things I did before heading off grid was sign 150 copies of “Walking with Justice” for a bold leader gifting it to other leaders. More ripples… :)

  • One of the coolest things I’ve seen…midnight sun#Alaska

  • Stillness is such an underrated factor in the success equation.

  • Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. ~Maya Angelou

  • Can we admit that we are not 24/7 machines and that each of us needs more breaks that we take, need a Sabbath every week, and that many highly driven people need to grasp their vulnerability and slow down and take a look around and smell the roses? … What if our mission becomes as simple as enjoy as much of the day as you can, have more fun, play as if you are a child, and help the other people in the playground? ~Bob Beverley #WhatIf

  • Enjoyed time in Omaha/Council Bluffs last month providing resilience training – thanks to great folks at MidAmerican Energy!

  • If you’re in the Midwest, philanthro-capitalist Frank McKinney is coming to IN on July 26th for his last stop on the Make it BIG Tour, funding his charitable work in Haiti.
  • Not surprising, attendees have been raving about their experience with this big thinker & doer. As a supporter of Frank’s work, I have a special pricing code so ping me if you need scholarship help to attend!

  • Need some virtual inspiration on how to think and lead BIGGER and why it matters? Must watch trailer from Michael Port’s Think Big Revolution Keynote.

  • New Resiliency Matters TV shows posted, including one with University of Iowa Women’s Basketball Coach Lisa Bluder on helping others thrive!

  • Zeb Welborn of Defining Success podcast is a great interviewer. We discussed mindful leadership & more – listen in!

  • Until next time >> Build in stillness…live and lead mindfully…and play BIG as you create more ripples of goodness!

  • Springtime at the orchard…trees in blossom and outdoor playtime. #family

  • Special to have all 12 of my siblings gather to celebrate niece’s wedding…the sisters. #Love

  • Facilitated @ResiliencyProj forum for community that lost youth to suicide…hundreds of neighbors moving toward hope, help and healing!  http://CRProject.org

  • One more week until our Thrive & Serve Retreat. I’m being nourished just putting the framework together – can’t wait to see what we create *together*!

  • My belief that just the right mix of people will gather…is being reaffirmed with messages like this…

    “When I saw your post, I kept telling myself I was too busy. But something kept niggling at me to check it out. So I clicked on the details and as I read, I got super buzzy…which prompted me to click on the info for the retreat site. The first thing I saw was the Roger Williams Inn restoration project. Roger Williams is my 12-times great grandfather. I laughed out loud and said ‘OK, OK, I'm in.’ And so of course that's where I'll be lodging.”

  • Just know this >> YOU are being welcomed to join us! (email questions, including need for a scholarship, to info@drmollie.com).

  • Great time taping Resiliency Matters TV with Chair of @NotreDame Psych Dept @DanLapsley, a brilliant and giving youth resilience expert.

  • The moral responsibility of every leader is staggering–an opportunity to be of service to civilization. Or not. ~@tom_peters (via @JeffSheehan)

  • 5 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Boss infographic (via @2morrowknight).

  • Fun to be included in the company of such prominent psychologists.

  • Discovered leadership resource @unstuck when they featured this quote – check them out (thanks for heads up @glennthayer)

  • Thinking yourself into stuckness? The solution is to get moving…

  • Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. ~@MarieForleo

  • Authentic prayer always leads to active discipleship. ~Robert Barron

  • To a month of thriving…as you move those feet to serve others in ways big and small!

Where is Your Heartbreak Calling You?

April 18, 2014

As I was preparing to travel to a small community that lost a child as the fourth person to suicide this year, I heard about the shooting and loss of lives at the Jewish Community Center in Kansas City.   Heartbreak.   Since writing the story of my life’s greatest mentor (a Jewish judge) a […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Musings April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Why so quiet in March? Three consecutive weeks of “spring break” with my kiddos’ 3 different school schedules. #playtime Designed balance of travel and staycations. It's not about world travel…it's about heading up the road with fresh eyes! The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page. ~St. Augustine #perspective […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Musings March 2014

March 6, 2014

Musing about…choices and transformation. When lecturing at the UI Law School recently about non-traditional careers…I shared advice reflected in this gem (via @LissaRankin). If you prefer poetry… “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” ~Rumi A thriving life is one designed by you, from inside out. Perhaps you’ve had a life experience…an illness, job […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Love-filled Musings 2-14-14

February 14, 2014

Last month I shared my 2014 theme: Choices. Some of you wrote to share your themes, including: Collaborate; Expand Your Boundaries; Healthy; Faith Over Fear; Peace; Soften; Connect; Reinvention.   You inspire me! Want to share your 2014 theme or how clearly seeing your choices created a better outcome? I’d love to hear about it. […]

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Making an Impact in the New Year

December 31, 2013

For the past few years, as part of my new year planning, I’ve selected a phrase or word to remind me of how I want to show up, day in and day out, in order to become more of who I want to be.   This word helps keep me headed toward my north star. […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Musings 12-5-13

December 5, 2013

Student doodling outside classroom. Own it. Pass it on! #YouMatterWeNeedYou Couldn’t let autumn slip away without some football…and no place better to take in game than while visiting son at college! #GoIrish Server went down as I was working on Thanksgiving greetings to you. Lovely invitation to step away from the computer… and my heart […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Musings 11-1-13

November 1, 2013

Beautiful October …now in rearview mirror. Hope you took it in while it was here (it’s now time to make November our favorite month!) Much of my October was spent running our apple orchard store. Whole family together on closing day. What started as support for my husband’s dream morphed into a rich experience with […]

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Dr. Mollie’s Musings 9-20-13

September 20, 2013

Hope this finds you doing well. The past weeks have flown by for a few reasons…   Welcomed our Japanese daughter, Tomoko, home for a few weeks. This was her 3rd stay with us. From holding babies and celebrating birthdays to Pilates class and attending funeral…and a whole lot of eating and shopping (she's such […]

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