Dr. Mollie’s Weekly Musings 2-22-12

  • Took a week off from writing Musings…I was still thinking =)
  • Allowing extra space for few things.
  • One was birthday celebration and reflection. Try to accompany the year older with year wiser…
  • Announced a monumental transition.
  • Few hospital visits and surgeries for loved ones – expecting all to fully recover.
  • Also staying on top of Walking with Justice release and responding to notes from readers.
  • Received beautiful birthday present – many in our community celebrating by gifting copy of book to public, school, and prison libraries. Thank you!
  • Still in awe of regular feedback that book literally takes breath away and readers need to pause to rearrange heart space for all the wisdom to settle in.
  • This work was so strongly guided by Judge…grateful beyond words to see you experiencing his presence and applying his wisdom to your life.
  • Learned yesterday that amazon reviews help keep book pricing lower for readers who follow. Appreciate you posting your brief feedback.
  • No Blue Zones community resiliency funding yet…yet celebrating the good that’s coming from the process.
  • Fascinating read on the dark sides of our digital self.
  • How can you use technology as a tool to better thrive and serve?
  • How much time do you want to spend offline this week in reflection and with the people you love? Go. Do.

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