Dr. Mollie’s Weekly Musings 4-25-12

  • While in New York City last week, spent hours at Central Park.
  • The unique surrounding of nature, people from all corners of the world, young and old, artists and performers of all types creating… fascinates and fills me up every time.
  • Of course, no shortage of beauty upon arrival home.
  • As always, more pics posted on my facebook page.
  • Hadn’t yet left last week’s speaking events…and had booked events for this fall. Looking forward to more time with wonderful people…and taking in autumn activity at the Park =)
  • Stopped by B&N on way to airport and found this right inside door.
  • Giving away 10 copies of Walking with Justice. Throw your name in the ring!
  • Book Lovers…Is this heaven?
  • Several readers have shared this with me… A Soldier’s Deck of Cards (video).
  • Attended training this week about schools and communities working together to support healthy kids. Called the Great Conversation…and it is great both in need and substance.
  • Community Resiliency Project meeting tonight… helping bring structure and coordination to a community’s desire to become stronger and grow its capacity to thrive even in tough times.
  • Good read on boosting resiliency at work.
  • Local Thriving Leader training for United Way coming up. Open to all!
  • Remember this week, self care rules. Take care of yourself. First. No apologies needed. Fuel up…and then take care of those you’re called to serve.

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