Use a drawing tablet for a business presentation

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition during your next business presentation, consider using a drawing tablet. Not only will this give your presentation a unique look, but it can also help you better convey your ideas.

The first step to using drawing tablets for business presentations is finding the right model. For this goal you can use drawing tablet comparison. There are a number of options on the market, and some key features to look for include:

Price – How much money do you plan on spending?

Drawing tablets can cost anywhere from $60-$1000+, but many models provide many of the same features. The key is finding what’s most important to you, and working from there.

Stylus – What stylus will you be using?

When it comes to drawing tablets, the stylus is an incredibly important part of the device. Not only does this help control your lines on the screen, but it also provides additional features that can come in handy for business presentations.

Some stylus models include:

  • Wireless – Does the stylus work wirelessly?
  • Replaceable tips – Is it easy to replace or change out tips on your stylus? (highly recommended)
  • Erasable – Can you erase and redraw on this type of tablet-like paper, without leaving blobs?
  • Finger touch function – Can you use your fingers on the screen of your tablet to do things like zoom in and out, or click-through slides?

drawing tablet for presentation

What kind of presentation will you be giving?

The next step is finding a drawing tablet that will best suit your needs. Since every business has different needs, make sure to consider the following:

Different tablets work best for drawing, annotating, zooming in and out on your slides, or using multi-touch functions.

What devices do you plan to use?

Most drawing tablets connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Make sure to pick a tablet that works with your phone, laptop, or other equipment you’ll be using during the presentation.

What type of work will you be doing?

If you’re using your drawing tablet for annotating on images, then consider if it’s worth paying more for a high-resolution screen. The same goes for zooming in and out on your slides, as this will be easier with a larger screen.

What accessories are important to you?

To get the most out of your drawing tablet, consider if it’s worth purchasing an accessory like a stand or carrying case for safe travel. While these might not be necessary depending on your needs, they can make the tablet easier to use and carry around.

While drawing tablets might not be necessary for every business presentation, they can provide a unique look and allow you to showcase your ideas in a creative way. If this sounds like something that could work for you and your business, start exploring what’s available on the market today.